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Valentine’s Giveaway | Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



Calling all engaged couples!! I’m really excited to giveaway one free engagement session to a sweet couple for Valentine’s Day!

So, I kinda love Valentine’s Day! Well, this sweet tooth of mine really loves Valentine’s Day.. I could never turn down a Dove chocolate, it’s the best! Anyways…

When I was growing up my mom would decorate my locker at school for Valentine’s Day. I’m talking about every inch of my locker covered with streamers and paper heart cut-outs. I remember walking down the hallway wondering… oh my gosh, did my mom… Yep! She did! It was a little embarrassing at the time, but really, I loved it!! She’s the best mom in the world and if I still had a locker today she would probably still decorate it:) I love her!!

My sweet husband and I met on Valentine’s Day! It was a Saturday night and it was just supposed to be me and my really good friend from high school, Christina. Totally didn’t expect to meet my future husband this same night. My grandma always told me, “don’t worry, you’ll meet ‘the one’ when you least expect it!” Well, she was right!

Today, we’ve been together for ten years and tomorrow, married for five. Yep, we got married the day after Valentine’s Day! He is seriously the love of my life and makes me want to be a better person. Love him so much!

Since Valentine’s Day is such a special holiday to me, I’m really excited to giveaway a free engagement session to a sweet couple! Click HERE to enter the giveaway! Best of luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!! Xo!

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