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Ault Park Engagement Session

Last March was a big celebration for us and our business. We went through an entire rebrand and got a fresh new look! And made a big announcement that we’re a husband and wife team! It took a few months to plan out (and many many hours), but literally felt like a year!!!! So we had to celebrate!! We wanted to do something HUGE! So, we gave away an 8-hour wedding day photography package to one lucky couple.

The winners were…. Jenna and Trent!

One of the things we value the most is family. We really wanted to include family somehow in our giveaway. So we did! One part of the entry process was to have the couple’s family and friends submit a few words telling us why they think their sweet couple should win the giveaway.

This was right in the beginning of Covid-19… so it was so much fun to receive notifications throughout the week and read through all the sweet entries. The decision process was a difficult one for sure… and we’re so thankful to still work with some of the couples who entered our giveaway! Xo!

As you can see (entries below), Jenna and Trent are loved by so many. We instantly fell in love with these two when we read through all their entries and when we met them at Ault Park for their engagement session. We can’t wait to celebrate with them on their wedding day next year! Please help us in celebrating these two and their engagement!

Trent & Jenna have been together since I can even remember, they have constantly been there for each other through all of the ups and downs and come out on the other side even stronger than they were before. They are a true example of a strong and beautiful relationship and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. -Gracie

I think Jen and Trent are the perfect couple to deserve your giveaway! You will be able to show everyone what I already see everyday from them and that is what beautiful hearts they have. They were made for each other and I hope you grant them this opportunity. -Char

Trent and Jenna epitomize the meaning of love. Their relationship has endured long distance, familial losses on both sides of their families, college, new jobs, etc. I would love to see them have a photographer that can capture all of this love on their wedding day and I know they would be honored if that were you. -Hannah

Jenna and Trent have an amazing relationship and deserve to have the most beautiful wedding! They are the most generous and loving people and I know having a great photographer will only make their wedding day so much more special!! – Caroline

Jenna and Trent are the cutest and most fun couple you will ever meet. Jenna is a busy school teacher who may be small, but she has a big personality to make up for her lack of height. When Jenna isn’t teaching she is busy coaching her middle school cheer team, playing with her dog, and hanging out with her friends and family. Trent is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He fits right in with the family and everyone loves him! I would love nothing more to see them win Beautiful pictures taken by you! PS they both have the cutest dimples and will look beautiful and perfect in your photographs. – Julia

I think that they should win this giveaway because their love story is certainly one worth capturing! It has been so fun to watch their love grow over the years, and we are all so excited to finally see them get married! I know they would both be over the moon to have someone who’s work they love be able to photograph their wedding as well! – Nikki

They are such a fun and outgoing couple and their love for each other just shines. They deserve to win this giveaway not only because the energy in your photos is a perfect match with their personalities, but their wedding budget is tight with the recent business closings due to the virus. It would mean the world to them! – Kelsie

These two are amazing! They should win this giveaway as it will allow them to relax about a good photographer at their wedding and to allow them to have extra money to put somewhere else. – Delaney

They should win the giveaway because they are a beautiful couple, inside and out. They both give so much to others in their daily lives and they have such an affectionate, fun-loving personality together as a couple that draws others to them. Their love is infectious! – Jessica

Jenna is an amazing teacher that works very hard. Trent and Jenna are perfect matches for each other and you being a part of their day would bring you so much joy and fun! – Stephanie

I think they should win because they have been together for a long time and they have sacrificed their moment in the sun for others. Now it is their time to shine and they deserve beautiful photographs to remember that moment forever. – Jaclyn

They are a beautiful and kind couple. I know you would have a lot of fun taking photos for them. – Lindsey

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