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8 Ways to Help Savor Your Wedding Day

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We’re setting our “photographer hat” aside for just a minute…

We’ve been in your shoes. Well, the shoes you’re about to wear on your wedding day. It’s no secret. You’ve heard it before. Months of planning and then the day rushes by so quickly. It really is crazy!

When we think back on our wedding day, we remember those moments that were special to us. We want that same thing for the couples we serve.

We believe…

Planning a wedding day timeline beforehand is a must.
Slowing things down helps you savor more moments.
You shouldn’t feel rushed on your wedding day.

With the experience from our own wedding day and photographing many weddings, we’re excited to share 8 ways to help savor your wedding day.

1. Share a letter with each other. Taking a few moments away from the hustle to read each other’s words is a popular one on wedding days. We love this for our couples! Take time before the ceremony to read these letters, and make sure it’s during a scheduled and photographed time. Read them together or completely separate. There’s no wrong way!

2. Take a few minutes to be alone, just the two of you. This time should also be scheduled into your day – not something that happens “if there’s time.” This is a big day. It can be overwhelming and possibly nerve wracking. Taking a few moments to be alone, stepping back and taking it all in is something special and savoring.

3. Sleep. Protein. Comfort. Gathering all three of these into one. However, each one is very important and you can’t have a great day if you leave one aside. It’s a tough one to follow, but make sure you get enough rest the night before your wedding day. You don’t want to be too tired to soak in the beauty of the day. Be sure to get good proteins throughout the day as well. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch. Keep snacks and bottled water in the limo. Comfort is key! Having a pair of “comfort” shoes (for example, flats) to slip on while you walk from location to location or even dancing the night away will be a great idea so you’ll be able to enjoy your day. 

4. Take advantage of any down time. Any moments of down time on your wedding day allows for you to really sink in your day and savor. If you’re a bride reading this post, you might know that it will probably take up to two hours of sitting while getting your hair and makeup done. This is when it really sunk in for me. Emotions were running crazy… Just sitting there with some of your closest family and friends, sharing stories and laughter together, the day begins to sink in and the emotions fly! Riding in the limo with your wedding party is another great opportunity and couples often love this time!

5. Smell your flowers. Literally. You’ll want to remember what your flowers looked like, and how they smelled; the type of coffee you had while getting ready; exactly what your future mother-in-law said to you when she saw you for the first time. Paying attention to the little things will definitely help enhance your day and your memories in the future.

6. Before walking down the aisle with dad. This is a big moment for both of you. While you’re standing at the end of the aisle, right before the doors open, take this special moment with your dad to let it sink in. Even if you’re just telling him a simple “I love you” or “thank you for everything,” it will help it be more memorable and savor that moment.

7. Listen to the celebration. A moment that some couples seem to brush aside is their entrance into the reception. Before those doors open, and you are revealed to your family and friends as a married couple, listen. Listen as they cheer for you. Listen to their excitement. They are all so excited for you, and so excited to be a part of your day. This moment is all about the two of you. Revel in it.

8. Savor each bite. Rarely do the bride and groom actually have time to enjoy their meal. Make this a priority. Sitting down and actually enjoying your first meal together as husband and wife will give you just another moment to savor.

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